'Firms face warnings over signs'

August 2010 ~ 'A Letter may be sent to businesses that advertise illegally in Peppard'

Henley Standard ~ August 2010

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'A LETTER may be sent to businesses that advertise illegally in Peppard.

David Hammond, chairman of Peppard Parish Council’s planning committee, believes there are too many unwanted signs in the village.

He has drafted the letter warning businesses their signs will be removed but the council has asked him to shorten it before it will consider giving approval.

Cllr Hammond said: “There should not be pub signs and the rest of it around the village.

“There is nothing stopping us leaning on Oxfordshire County Council and for it to go round the next day and remove them. I have noticed that at Manor Farm the signs seem to have gone since the last inspection.

“Our basic complaint is that these signs have advertising on and if pubs are doing it they all will.”

Councillor Linda Collison said she had sympathy for some of the businesses, saying they were trying to attract custom. '