The Studio Gallery has attracted attention from all over the world. Here are just a few articles...

'Gallery is renowned for art's collectability'

Henley Standard ~ November 2016

'JJ Adams SOLD OUT in Minutes'

Studio Gallery hooks up with Wishbone Publishing ~ March 2015 ...more information

'Art in Henley'

Henley Visitors Guide 2013-2014 ~ March 2013 ...more information

'Patrons' Lounge & Gallery'

The Henley Festival Souvenir Brochure ~ July 2012 ...more information

'CJ Holding'

The Henley Festival Souvenir Programme ~ July 2011 ...more information

'Unique and inspired choices'

Henley Standard ~ February 11th 2011 ...more information

'Angel cloud picture inspires charity for the disabled'

January 2011 ~ The Times ~ 'An image of a cloud in the shape of an angel has inspired a new charity...' ...more information

'Angelic Inspiration'

January 2011 ~ The Daily Telegraph ~ 'Angelic Inspiration' ...more information

'Heavenly Skies provide inspiration for angel charity'

January 2011 ~ The Daily Mail (online) ~ 'Floating serenly in the sky, this beautiful angelic cloud provided the photographer with the inspiration for a new charity...' ...more information

'Anniversary at The Studio Gallery'

December 2010~ Henley Standard ~ 'From the iconic Damien Hirst to Marvel Paul Mellia, The Studio Gallery celebrates its third year anniversary...' ...more information

'The Angel Charitable Trust' becomes official...

Photographer & Studio Gallery Owner CJ Holding marks the launch of her Charity ~ 'The Angel Charitable Trust' with commemorative 'Angel' Edition... ...more information

Paul Mellia's Latest Exhibition 'Icons With Attitude'

'Presenting his latest Exhibition of Originals & Signed Limited Editions...' ...more information

Nick Elliott Photography ~ Forthcoming Exhibition 'just this side of sane'

'Exposing the very essence of the performers' 'inner most soul' in a way no others can...' ...more information

'A fresh approach to Interior Design'

'The Studio Gallery is a treasure trove of fresh concepts, full of new ideas...' ...more information

'Gallery owner attacks council'

'A GALLERY owner has criticised the district council after she was told to remove a roadside sign...' ...more information

'Gallery owner attacks council's 'unsupportive attitude' over sign'

'A Gallery owner has criticised the district council after she was told to remove a roadside sign...' ...more information

'I want my sign back'

'Sir - It saddens me greatly that my local council would prefer to serve me notice of potential prosecution rather than support me as a local, small independent business - all for the sake of a harmless and unobtrusive directional sign...' ...more information

'Running a pub is hard'

Antony Worrall Thompson supports road sign for the Lamb... ...more information

'Ban on roadside sign could ruin my business, says pub landlord'

'A Pub Landlord is fighting to keep a roadside sign after a council official told him to remove it' ...more information

'Firms face warnings over signs'

August 2010 ~ 'A Letter may be sent to businesses that advertise illegally in Peppard' ...more information

'God's of Rock lead Re-Vamp'

'The Studio Gallery, Henley, has had a complete re-vamp...' ...more information

Studio Gallery Owner faces potential prosecution if failure to remove road sign.

'Oxfordshire County Council's Highway Liason Officer has expressed the opinion that they are detrimental to road safety.' ...more information

'Gods of Rock at Gallery'

April 2010 ~ 'Iconic, exclusive & highly collectable' ...more information

'Thank you for your kind donation...'

April 2010 ~ British Leisure Show say 'thank you'... ...more information

'Photograph raises money for Heroes'

March 2010 ~ Henley Standard reports on 'Angel' in Auction... ...more information

Help for Heroes Charity Auction ~ The British Leisure Show Charity Dinner

March 2010 ~ CJ Holding's 'Angel' raises £3000 for Charity Auction in aid of Help for Heroes. ...more information

Morph Designs for Jamie Oliver

December 2009 ~ London based Design partnership Morph see thier first Jme Designs released. ...more information

'Save our A Boards'

September 2009 ~ 'Traders call upon Council not to ban A Boards' ...more information

Kraken Opus Exhibition showcases Paul Mellia

October 2009 ~ Paul Mellia's latest 'ICONS' Exhibition opens in Opus Gallery, Covent Garden. ...more information

'Do You Believe in Angels'

May 2009 ~ 'Angel' makes front page of 'Art of England' for Easter 2009 ...more information

'There are no such things as 'Angels - or are there?'

April 2009 ~ Photographer snaps an 'Angel' in the sky ...more information

'Gallery that's making a big impression in the art world'

March 2008 ~ Easter Bank Holiday at The Studio Gallery... ...more information

'Traders fear ban on 'A Boards''

March 2009 ~ 'TRADERS fear their businesses could be hit if advertising boards are banned from Henley’s streets.' ...more information

'Spring sale makes way for new designs'

March 2008 ~ Easter Bank Holiday Weekend Spring Sale ...more information

'Gallery where art is a gift'

January 2008 ~ The Studio Gallery is fresh and exciting and a must visit. ...more information

'Enjoy a gallery experience with a difference'

December 2007 ~ The Studio Gallery is the place to visit ...more information

'Something Special at The Studio'

November 2007 ~ 'The perfect venue for Christmas Gifts' ...more information