'Traders fear ban on 'A Boards''

March 2009 ~ 'TRADERS fear their businesses could be hit if advertising boards are banned from Henley’s streets.'
Henley Standard ~ March 2009

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'TRADERS fear their businesses could be hit if advertising boards are banned from Henley’s streets.

Regulatory powers have been passed from Oxfordshire County Council to Henley Town Council, meaning it now has the right to remove or ban the "A-boards".

It comes after members at a town management committee meeting complained about the potential hazards for pedestrians, especially people with poor vision.

Chairwoman Jeni Wood said: "A-boards can be seen all over town and are a problem for everyone. Roads like Friday Street are littered with them and they are a recipe for accidents."

Lorraine Hillier owns the Hot Gossip coffee shop and is on the town council. She said: "I have heard that some people view A-boards as a potential health and safety risk, which is ridiculous. I have certainly never heard of anyone being injured by one. If that’s the case, then all hanging baskets and street furniture would also have to go.

"I think it would be particularly insensitive in these harsh economic times if independent traders were to be forced to remove their boards. I’m going to continue mine out. The council, should it wish, can take any action it wants."

Carole Fentum, of The Ferret antiques shop, said: "If the council wants Henley to become a bland clone town then it should start removing boards. Part of the attraction of Henley is that it promotes and maintains small, independent shops. The town council has a responsibility to preserve its unique character."

Town clerk Mike Kennedy said the council would not be heavy-handed and that his biggest concern was posters left tied to lamposts for months on end.'