'Patrons' Lounge & Gallery'

The Henley Festival Souvenir Brochure ~ July 2012
'The Patrons' Lounge & Gallery plays host to the members of Henley Festival's Patrons' Club in the early evening, but will be open to all from 8.30pm. Showing work in the gallery are The Studio Gallery based in Rotherfield Peppard. In common with most of the art on display at the Festival this work will be on sale throughout the Festival.

The Studio Gallery returns to the prestigious Coutts @ the Patrons' Lounge at this year's Henley Festival. Owner and entrepreneur, British Photographer CJ Holding has long succeeded in bringing together the archetypal and the anarchic, making The Studio Gallery at once familiar and a place of intrigue where one's artistic hunger is always satisfied.

Current collections include works by South Africa's most formidable artistic talent, key [427015] doesn't existRichard Scott, whose colourful statement pieces receive international acclaim, as well as exhibits by the iconic key [314391] doesn't existSir Peter Blake and designs by Fatboy, together with expressive wire sculpture by leading British artist Rachel Ducker whose dramatic and emotive works explore the human form and nature.

A selection of these artists' work forms part of this year's Studio Gallery presentation at the 2012 Henley Festival.'