'JJ Adams SOLD OUT in Minutes'

Studio Gallery hooks up with Wishbone Publishing ~ March 2015
Rapidly becoming one of the UK’s most talked about and collectable artists, dubbed 'The Next ‘Andy Warhol’, JJ Adams works in new and mixed media - from spray paint to hand painting acrylics, screen printing, collage and digital matte painting as well as photography.

He is bold and confident in style, often completely transforming celebrity images or iconic landmarks with his own inimitable edge and blurring the lines between new media, pop, fine art, digital art and photography.

Now an affiliate with Wishbone Publishing, we bring you JJ Adams' latest collection... click here to see our availability.

The collection sold out in minutes from the publisher & with only a few left in the gallery, hurry so you're not disappointed! There's no going back in time...!