'Angel' has evoked responses from all over the world...

*** From HRH Queen Elizabeth II (2006) to Joyce Meyer (2010), Warner Brothers New York (2010) to The London Met Office (2006), Mohammed Al Fayed (2005) to Religious Leaders, 'everyday Clients' and more...

2013 Testimonies...

Mrs Earnst K ~ 13th Mar 2013
'This has given me goose bumps.'

Pete S ~ 28th Feb 2013
'This really is a great image.'

2012 Testimonies...

Nick L ~ 10th May 2012
'THIS is an inspiration. I will be watching this with great intention.'

Kate L ~ 5th May 2012
'I can't tell you how many people your cards have given support to and I love sending them out to the friends and family who need that little extra support.'

Richard S ~ 17th April 2012
'This will do great things.'

Unknown ~ 10th March 2012
'You took this? This is unbelievable! It makes you realise there's SOMEthing up there, hey.'

Paul B ~ 'Stamp of Approval' ~ 10th March 2012
'Angel was one of the most popular there and they were gone in minutes. We were thrilled with the response, it was great.'

Liza L ~ 23rd February 2012
'This looks beautiful! Look forward to catching up!'

2011 Testimonies...

Duncan W ~ 8th August 2011
'Angel is watching over us in the lounge and looks awesome!'

Deborah D ~ 1st August 2011
'I think it's amazing. I've told my friend to come in too, she has to see this.'

Jenny H ~ 4th June 2011
'What a wonderful story. I have just been reading your article and I think it's all just incredible.'

Emma LT ~ 2nd June 2011
'Isn't it funny how things work out, the Angels are definitely watching over you.'

Philippa W ~ 1st June 2011
'I was simply mesmerised the whole time I was in the room, it's simply amazing!'

2010 Testimonies...

Karen S ~ 26th October 2010
'You can feel the energy from it just standing next to it. There's no question... it's an Angel!'

Joanne F ~ 2nd October 2010
'I was amazed...It has brought me a great sense of warmth, if only I could've stayed until another day, but I think it was meant to be for me to walk in today.'

*** Janice R (USA) ~ Daughter of 'Cloudman'
Author of 'The Book of Clouds' ~ 18th August 2010
'Thank you for sharing your wonderfully unusual photograph of the angel in the clouds. Dad would have loved it and your story of how it happened! He was always looking up at the sky because he knew that mystical moment was right there and could happen at any time. What a blessing for you...'

*** Joyce & Dave Meyer (USA) ~ of Joyce Meyer Ministries ~ 11th August 2010
(Cj recently received a Personal letter from Dave & Joyce Meyer.)

*** Robert E-W (Warner Bros NY, USA) ~ 4th August 2010
'Very intriguing photograph, I must say!'

Diana G ~ Babes in Arms Charity Auction ~ 14th July 2010
'Thank you soooo much, I took her to the last meeting & everyone was really impressed by her & her history....She will go in the live auction.'

*** Sharon A ~ Save The Children ~ 10th June 2010
'It really is a beautiful photograph.'

*** Peter B ~ UNICEF ~ 6th June 2010
'Thank you once again for your email and sentiments and for your continued interests in our work with children. I have forwarded your email to the relevant team to pass on to Sir Roger Moore.'

Julie L ~ British Leisure Show ~ Help for Heroes Charity Auction ~ 12th March 2010
'It is just truly amazing, I am overwhelmed by your generosity thank you so much.'

Alison N ~ British Leisure Show ~ Help for Heroes Charity Auction ~ 11th March 2010
'Wonderful - thank you for your generosity, I just know it'll raise a lot. What a wonderful photograph! Thank you so much for donating it.'

*** Marion ~ (PA to John Burton-Race) ~ 3rd February 2010
'We would LOVE to hang your picture again...'

Testimonies between 2003 ~ 2009...

Jim ~ 25th November 2009
'I first saw your "Angel in the "Arts for England" magazine whilst waiting for an appointment with my wife at hospital. The picture is fantastic and brought a lot of comfort to us on the day hence we would like to be able to send some cards to our friends and relatives. You are so lucky to have seen the image for real and we have no doubts it is the real thing.
Also we are so grateful for your "Angel" card with thoughts and blessings, it is so kind of you to think of us and the card will be placed in the lounge where we can see it each and every day. Hopefully our "Angels" will help us through these tough times and into much more pleasant and restful days. We wish the same for you and your family also. Have a great Christmas you deserve it for all your hard work, devotion and talent in bringing "Angel" to us.'

Janet ~ 23rd May 2009
‘I have the most amazing photo / picture on my wall. Thank you for sharing it with me.’

Julie ~ 9th May 2009
‘Congratulations on getting your photo on the front cover of Art of England Magazine! Well done.’

Linda ~ 30th April 2009
‘It is absolutely beautiful and the story of how you saw it is fabulous. The photograph hangs above my desk and is a constant reminder of the wonder of God and nature. I wanted to thank you.’

Roger ~ 15th April 2009
‘We get so many comments about Angel in our house and we have a light that picks out the colours incredibly well giving it more impact. So very happy’.

Jill (Loet Vanderveen) ~ 3rd April 2009
‘What an amazing feature and front cover in Art of England !!!! Many congratulations from us all – you should be so very proud of your achievements. You deserve huge success and we are sure you will have all you deserve and more.'

Andrew T~ 28th March 2009
'...the print still has pride of place on my wall and everyone who sees it comments on it being a truly beautiful and inspirational piece.'

Rosemary W ~ 28th March 2009
'Art of England! Amazing!'

Andrew T~ 29th March 2009
'Lovely to hear, and i'm so glad, the Angel is getting more exposure – I still love the print we have in our bedroom and look at it every day when I wake up….It’s still the only thing on the wall – hard to match it! Good luck with your gallery and your work.'

Richard R ~ News Editor, Henley Standard ~ 24th March 2009
'Most impressive!'

Emma C ~ News Editor, Henley Standard ~ 23rd March 2009
'We got the Art of England mag the other day...your image looks amazing!!! Well done! We thought it was pretty good timing to be on the cover above Picasso!'

Pat ~ 20th October 2007
‘I just want you to know that our grand-daughter is surrounded by Angels. Your card is now in a frame over her cot. “Everyone is born with a Guardian Angel and a star that bears their name” and I believe that Angels watch over her’.

Andrew ~ June 21st 2007
‘It is a truly inspiring and beautiful photograph’

(remain Anon) ~ 23rd May 2007
‘My daughter recently passed away and I called her my little angel, so it has really helped me, I thought it was beautiful. Thank you.’

Huw ~ 14th March 2007
‘We were so lucky to be seated beside your picture in The New Angel’.

*** Lady M-C ~ 22nd February 2007
‘I’m sending your card to a friend as I think she will twinkle from her toes upwards when she sees it’
Enclosed with Ezekiel Chapter one Verses 26b - 28

(remain Anon) ~ 27th November 2006
‘Your cards have helped so many of my friends who are suffering from bereavement’

(remain Anon) ~ 17th November 2006
‘My friend bought me your card in July as I had lost my baby daughter, and I found it a great comfort, which I have put in a frame because it means a lot to me. I have a friend who has just lost her baby son in similar circumstances and her little girl says he is an Angel, so I know it would comfort her in the same way it did me. It will be so helpful in this sad time. Many Thanks.’

Ellie ~ 14th November 2006
‘Your picture – it is amazing’

Anna-Marie ~ 9th November 2006
‘There is a presence about the picture that is difficult to explain but that is so real that it creates something very special and almost emotional. Thank you so much. Rest assured she will have a very special place in our house and will bring a great deal of enjoyment and atmosphere in our home. Thank you once again and all the very best for the future.’

Julie ~ 6th November 2006
‘Simply wonderful’

Linda ~ 8th August 2006
‘As a Christian I believe that God is with mankind and the Angelic realm are part of his creation, therefore Angels are his Messengers. This Angel photograph gives me great excitement, and reminds me of Revelations Ch14 ~ vs 6 & 7:

‘I saw another angel flying in mid air with an everlasting gospel of good news to tell the inhabitants of the earth to every race, tribe & tongue and people that he cried out with a mighty voice revere God and give him glory honour and praise in worship for the hour of his judgement has arrived fall down before him, pay him homage, adoration and worship him who created Heaven and Earth, the Sea and the Springs (fountains of water)’.

*** HRH Queen Elizabeth II ~ 31st July 2006
‘Thank you for your lovely photograph’

Neil ~ 2nd June 2006
‘I love it and will treasure it’

***The Met Office ~ 16th February 2006
‘The Picture is an Optical Phenomena caused by the sun shining through cloud that is made up of ice crystals. The ice crystals cause the sun’s rays to split, just like a rainbow is formed after a heavy shower, and these rays of light can get all mixed up if there are lots and lots of ice crystals in the cloud, forming unusual shapes as your example shows, and yours is the most interesting I have seen, as you say, it does look like an Angel!’

*** Mohammed Al Fayed ~ 26th April 2005
‘I am most grateful for your kind and thoughtful words of support and your words were of great comfort. Thank you for your beautiful photography.’

(remain Anon) ~ 13th August 2003
‘How amazing. You were meant to see this and it was intended for you, and I believe you are meant to show people. Nothing is a fluke nor a coincidence.'