Dry Mounting

The Dry Mounting Prices below show Standard sizes.
Bespoke sizes are also available.

Please note that Dry Mounting your Artwork is a permanent fixture. We do not recommended it for valuable or collectable Artwork, nor Originals. Please see our technical information for further details if you are considering this process.

Dry Mounting.
Standard Size guide only ~ any size is available.

SizeApprox (mm)Approx (inches)Dry Mounting
A0841 x 118933" x 47"£59.00
A1594 x 84123.5" x 33"£29.00
A2420 x 59416.5" x 23.5"£16.00
A3297 x 42011" x 14"£12
A4210 x 2978" x 12"£9

These prices are for Paper Artwork only.